Steve M.
Head Coach - AAA Minor Atom

I knew coming into the 2019/20 season a big challenge for the Minor Atom AAA group was going to be Attitude and Focus. Minor Atom is the first year of AAA; to us this meant it was important to shine light on the power of the Mental Game. We were blessed this season to have been sponsored by an external sponsor 3 team sessions with Dr. Wade Wilson. Dr. Wilson worked seamlessly with the coaching staff to cater the lessons to the group. The team frequently utilized what we learned in the classroom and took that to the pregame speeches, during game ques, and post game debriefs.
Dr. Wilson created an internal dialogue for the team, shedding light on key terms, helping the team articulate concepts that are otherwise hard to do. For example, what it means to be accountable, how it feels to be focused, and what we can do to identify when our focus is straying, to shift it back to the task at hand.
Dr. Wilson also attended many games throughout the season keeping a tab on our team. This to us really demonstrated how much he cared for the teams success, and made the team feel supported.
On Behalf of the 2019/20 AAA Minor Atom Kitchener Jr Rangers, THANK YOU Wade for all your time and commitment to our development this season. We were elevated by you.